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With this program you'll get:

1. Weekly menus - 5 meals per day

Weekly Shopping List

3. Online Education Events

By eating 5MiniMeals you can expect to:

Maximize Your Metabolism:

Most people today have sedentary desk jobs and enjoy relaxing on the couch. Modern technology has given a better lifestyle that doesn't require that we fill our belly morning, noon and night. Instead, if you eat the energy/food you need to maintain your energy throughout the day, you will enjoy a higher metabolism.

No Cravings Because You Eat Frequently:

Most diets mean restricted eating; with 5MiniMeals you eat throughout the day. Restricted eating means will-power, and for most people it means splurging because you're hungry. This also entails a psychological battle of rationalizing self-permission to eat or over-eat. 5MiniMeals coaches frequent eating which curbs hunger pains and prevents overeating at meals.

5MiniMeals is designed to provide meals through the day to help you avoid binging and enable you to successfully loose/maintain your weight. It doesn't make sense to restrict your body from eating the energy it needs to be successful.

Energy All Day Long
It's 3:00 in the afternoon and you feel like you can't move. Your body is telling you something - it wants more fuel. 5MiniMeals is designed to provide your body the food fuel it needs to perform all day long.

Lifestyle Change:

5MiniMeals is a lifestyle change, not a diet. Change is always challenging and the toughest part of making the change to 5 meals a day is the planning required to eat frequently. With 5MiniMeals the planning is done - you only have to follow the eating plan. No foods are off-limits, but some foods are recommended. You can still go out to eat with friends; just try to order close to what is on the meal plan for that day. 5MiniMeals will help you prepare for healthy eating options, no matter where you are, so that you can maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle anywhere. 5MiniMeals is an eating plan, not a diet.