AbsorbAid® Platinum

AbsorbAid®  Platinum
Item# HSG12305

AbsorbAid®  Platinum is the healthier option to antacids and acid blockers. It also helps alleviate digestive disturbances such as gas, bloating, belching and acid indigestion.

What makes the AbsorbAid® plant enzyme formulas superior?

  • Proprietary blend and stabilization process make it safe and effective in a wide pH range so it works well for more individuals.

  • Clinically tested and scientifically proven effective by prestigious labs such as Roche and Mayo Clinic Laboratories.
  • Proven to increase vital nutrient absorption by up to 71%.

  • Written about in the New England Journal of Medicine as an important consideration for nutrient support.

  • Proven to increase protein absorption.

  • Stomach acid stable and active in the small intestines where most nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream.

  • Assures you that more of what you eat is turned into energy.

  • May help to stabilize gut function and support immune system
  • The perfect solution for those who produce less than adequate enzymes due to stress, illness, injury or age-related conditions

  • Perfect for those who often eat heated foods where enzymes have been destroyed

  • Great idea for those who do not eat enough live fruits and vegetables

  • Support for those who have insufficient nutrient absorption or inadequate intake of nutrients in their daily diet.

  • May encourage better metabolic balance and level of wellness by helping to make available critical nutrients, amino acids and essential fatty acids.

AbsorbAid® is often recommended by medical doctors, has been clinically tested, and is scientifically proven to be safe and effective!