Item# HSG8006

What is it?

The AeroBox™ is a rear-mounted, secure truck
box that improves aerodynamics and creates an easily accessible and portable space for storage while integrating practical, well-designed features
for life and work.

Why Buy the AeroBox™?

Improve Your Truck’s Functionality

·   The AeroBox™ can give your truck added traction because weight is distributed to the rear driven wheels.

·   Stop straining! Easily reach the rear-mounted storage

·   Moving gear in and out of your truck? With multiple AeroBoxes™, you can store all your equipment then swap AeroBoxes™ in and out of your truck to quickly and easily transport stored goods.

Spend Less on Gas
The AeroBox’s™ aerodynamic design not only looks great, it can save you money and allow your truck to perform at its highest level.

When properly mounted, your AeroBox™ can actually improve your fuel economy!  Wind tunnel simulations show drag coefficients are reduced by 4.25% compared to trucks without the AeroBox.

Standard Features

·   Weatherproof – Sealed and manufactured with high-grade thermoplastic resin to protect your cargo from the elements and withstand various weather conditions.

·   Lockable storage – Secure to protect
valuables, yet gives you flexibility as it can
slide easily in and out of the truck bed.

·   Portable – Easily transportable using the
built-in handle and wheels to roll your contained cargo to your recreation or job site, storage, or back into your truck.

·   Tie-down latches – Secure and stabilize
items in the open space of your truck bed.

Optional Features

·   Removable dividers – Organize within your
AeroBox™ by dividing your storage space
into smaller compartments.

·   Cargo strap – Keeps items in place.

Options Coming Soon

·   Felt lined insert – Extra protection for more delicate cargo.

·   12V outlet

Who Needs the AeroBox™?

·   All truck owners!

·   Construction workers – Storing power tools, hardware, or materials in a big truck bed can result in loose, damaged, or stolen items. Secure and protect it on site and off with a lockable, portable AeroBox

·   Outdoor enthusiasts – Weatherproof,
durable and secure storage for campers,
hunters, fisherman and many other sports
enthusiasts who need to keep gear out of
the cab and easily portable. The AeroBox
is perfect for lugging equipment and then
conveniently stacking the boxes for storage
in your garage.

·   Shoppers – Keep your purchases safe
while you’re away from your vehicle and
prevent them from rolling in the truck bed
while driving.

·   Parents – Easily store camp chairs, blankets, snacks and your kid’s sports equipment in one convenient storage container, so it’s ready to go when you are.  Even haul all that gear from the garage to the field in one trip!

Fits most full-size truck beds 


The AeroBox™ comes completely assembled
with the exception of the wheels and tie-down
latches. To install it in your truck, side panels
(included) must be mounted to your truck.  The easy installation takes less than 30 minutes. Then, the AeroBox™ simply slides and locks into place.

Side panels are designed to adapt the
AeroBox™ to fit most full-size pickup trucks,
including those with plastic bed liners. However, some aftermarket products, such as rail systems or
tonneau covers, could interfere with the normal
installation of the AeroBox™.  Please confirm minimal opening size of truck bed before ordering.


Keep Cargo Safe
The AeroBox™ locks securely to your truck and comes with a lockable door.

Make Life Easier!
Utilize your truck’s available cargo capacity for everyday chores quickly and easily with the AeroBox’s™ easy-to-access location and features.

Swap Gear and Go!
Store different equipment in multiple
AeroBoxes™ so your gear is packed and ready-to-go. Keep them easily and neatly stacked in your garage!

Slide Out and Transport Anywhere!
Simply slide the AeroBox™ out of the truck and use its handle and wheels to easily transport cargo.  The easy undock and removal feature also allows the full volume of the truck bed to be used when needed, unlike conventional tool/cargo boxes.

No More Hard-to-Reach Gear
AeroBox™ is rear mounted for easy access of any cargo.

No More Loose Cargo Moving Around
Contain all of your gear in an easy to access, secure AeroBox™. Optional removable dividers make organization simple for whatever size object you store!

Features Add Function and Style!
Haul bikes safely and easily in your truck bed with the AeroBox’s™ tire holsters and optional cargo straps.

Ecoological™ products are proudly

* Please confirm minimal opening size of your truck’s bed before ordering. There must be a minimum 59.9 inch unobstructed opening for the AeroBox to slide between the rear vertical rails.  We’re sorry, the AeroBox currently does not fit 2008 and later model GMT900 pick up trucks, step-side, compact, or mid-size truck models of any make.