"A Gift of Healing" 4 CD set

Deepak Chopra MD "A Gift of Healing" 4 CD Set
Deepak Chopra MD "A Gift of Healing" 4 CD Set
Item# HSG-9740

Rasa exists to explore the magical place where Sensuality, Spirituality, and Style converge. Yoga, poetry, massage, dance, candlelight dinners, scented baths, meditation, conversation...
Rasa provides the soundtrack.

This powerful collection includes "Ayurveda-Art of Being" by Cyril Morin, "A gift of Love II-Oceans of Ecstacy" a Valentine to Tagore by Deepak Chopra and Friends, "A Gift of Love" Music inspired by the love Poems of Rumi by Deeprak Chopra and Friends, and a free bonus CD, "The Soul of Healing Meditations" by Deepak Chopra with music by Adam Plack.

A beautiful heart opening combination of powerful meditations and soothing music that can change your life by invoking your body's natural ability to heal itself. Ayurveda-from Sanskrit language-Ayus meaning whole and Veda meaning life-is the ancient healing system from India based on nature, combining art and science to maintain a long life. It recognizes that each of us are individuals with natural predispositions, we must create unique nutritional and recreational paths to invoke our bodies' ability to maintain optimum health and to heal itself. If these ancient chants and soothing rhythms are used correctly with simple meditational techniques, the results can slow down the aging process and reverse the biomarkers of aging.

This collection provides an effortless journey for the renewal of your Body, Mind and Spirit.
Perfect for the Yoga and Tai Chi enthusiast, as well as anyone with an interest in Meditation, Healing, or simple Relaxation.

  • Relaxation, Meditation & Healing:
    At home to unwind, to take a bath, at work when one needs just ten minutes to stop and exhale during a stressful period, for yoga, pilates, in the car during heavy traffic, during massage/bodywork and in spas.

  • Romance & Lounge:
    During dinner parties, bath ritual alone or with partner, yoga, massage, intimate/sensual times with partner.

    No experience necessary.
    Requires no incense, no concentration,
    no painful sitting positions, no saffron robes,
    chanting optional.

    Requires only Your Self. Enquire within.