The AirClip - iPhone 4/4S Accessory

The AirClip - iPhone 4/4S Accessory
Item# hsgairclip

The AirClip - iPhone 4/4S Accessory - No More Shaky Videos, or Blurry Photos!
The AirClip is a simple, easy to use, iPhone accessory for the iPhone 4 (and iPhone 4S) that lets users hold their iPhone steady when recording video or taking pictures. This means no more "shaky" videos and no more blurry photos!

Do you use your iPhone 4 or 4s to take videos or photos?  You had to use 2 hands, right? Not any more, thanks to The AirClip!

By helping the user hold the phone in a more natural way, The AirClip makes the phone more stable, and therefore greatly improve, or eliminate the natural tendency people have to "shake" their phone while filming.

The design of The AirClip is so innovative that it provides a completely secure hold on the phone and enables single hand operation of the iPhone camera.


The AirClip is a simple little iPhone accessory which slides onto the body of the iPhone 4 or 4S, providing a stable, comfortable grip on the phone while you shoot videos or stills.

Just slide the removable The AirClip onto the edges of your iPhone, and slip your index finger and pinky through the rings on the ends. Voila. You have a secure one handed grip on your phone. You can also use this amazing iPhone accessory as a stand for your iPhone to use with Facetime and Skype.

 - Hold the iPhone steady -no more shaky videos or blurry photos

 - Works with both the iPhone and iPhone 4S

 - Becomes a stand for hands-free video calling

 - Allows you to use your iPhone with just one hand

 - Works with both left and right hand users