AirMan ResQ PRO

AirMan ResQ PRO
Item# HSG12301

ResQ Pro – Premium Emergency Tire Repair All-In-One System

AirMan’s ResQ Pro is the most reliable, rapid and versatile tire repair kit on the market.  Without removing your flat tire and with a simple push of a button, ResQ Pro gets you back on the road in the safest, easiest and fastest manner.  The AirMan technology has today become the preferred choice for the automotive industry for replacement of traditional spare tires.  ResQ Pro’s German engineered design beats all look alike products on the market in terms of quality and performance. 

ResQ Pro effectively seals puncture tires and rapidly inflates flat tires for a wide range of passenger vehicles.  It provides tire pressure monitoring for optimal fuel consumption and proper tire care as well as inflation adapters for everyday inflatable objects.  The smart compact design and packaging is ergonomic and requires minimal hands-on efforts. 

ResQ represents a one-time purchase providing you and your family with many years of usage. It is also a great quality gift to offer.


Companies such as Audi, Citroen, Fiat, Ford, GM, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Porsche, Peugeot, and Volkswagen are deploying the AirMan Tire repair and inflate technology in their vehicles.  Now the same technology is now available to the consumer.

Easy to use

ResQ Pro is easy to use for any person of any driving age, regardless of gender or physical ability, to fix a puncture tire.

1. Connect the red sealant hose to the tire and the black air hose to ResQ Pro
2. Turn ResQ Pro on.
3. Seal and inflate.
4. Disconnect and put away in trunk.  Travel to your nearest tire center.

High performance and long lasting compressor
ResQ Pro offers rapid inflation times and unmatched compressor durability for the following tire sizes:
  • Large tire sized car (42 litre): 2.5 bar (36 psi) 8 min.
  • Medium sized car tire (36 litre):  2.5 bar (36 psi) in 6 min.
  • Small sized car tire ( 25 litre):  2.5 bar (36 psi) in 4 min

Superior sealant and TPMS safe

With microfiber, the ResQ Pro sealant is a green recipe that is biodegradable and that can not only be rinsed off the tire using water − but also off your skin.  The sealant does not cause rust or corrosion on any type of rim, nor does it contain any toxic or flammable ingredients.  ResQ Pro offers an industry leading eco-friendly sealant that exceeds the automotive manufacturers’ specifications for repair sealant.

Unmatched warranty

ResQ Pro quality is backed up by a 3 year product warranty and an 8 year shelf life of the sealant.

ResQ Pro all-in-one system includes:

  • High performance, high pressure AirMan air compressor
  • Built-in pressure gauge with psi and bar indication
  • 12V cigarette lighter power cord
  • One replaceable sealant cartridge
  • Three adaptors for inflating objects such as bicycle tires, sports balls, and inflatable toys
  • A storage bag