Allergy Control® Encasings

Item# HSG10121

Experience the difference Allergy Control® Encasings can make in your healthier night’s sleep!

Encasing your bed is the #1 Doctor-recommended step you can take for allergy relief at home. Protect yourself from dust mites and pet dander and even stop bed bug attacks by encasing your pillow, mattress, box spring and comforter. Allergy Control Products offers high-quality encasings for every need and budget that will help you reduce nighttime allergy symptoms and get a peaceful night’s sleep.

There are up to 1 million dust mites living in your bed, waiting to feast off your dead skin, and causing allergy symptoms with the fecal matter they leave behind.


Your head rests on your pillow all night long, which is why pillow encasings are so critical
for a healthier night’s sleep. Choose from our top Allergy Control® pillow encasings, made
from soft and breathable fabrics that block allergens.

COTTON PERFORMANCE and Pristine® COMPLETE encasings offer the most comfort and the best protection from dust mites allergens, pet dander and bed bugs.

Encasing your bed is the #1 doctor-recommended way to find relief from nighttime
allergy symptoms. Our top quality Allergy Control® encasings are made from soft,
breathable fabrics that feel invisible on your bed while protecting you from allergens.

Choose COTTON PERFORMANCE or Pristine® COMPLETE for the best all-around
protection from dust mites, pet dander and bed bugs.

The final step in encasing your bed is to protect your comforter. People often forget this
doctor-recommended step, but to get complete protection from common dust mite and pet allergens, encasing your comforter is a must.

Select from our three comforter encasing lines or buy a Pristine® COMPLETE comforter with built-in allergy protection.