Alaur Skin Solutions

Alaur Skin Solutions
Item# HSG2332

Introducing the doctor-developed, age-reversing breakthrough skin care system that you won't want to be without!

Alaur Skin Solutions -made from unique combinations of natural extracts and scientifically formulated ingredients - was developed by Dr. Albert Leftkovits, a leading New York dermatologist. All products are made under his direction and have been used in his practice with great success.

This 3-part system, based on the latest medical knowledge, is the most advanced treatment available for home use and has been created to encourage healthier, more beautiful, younger looking skin.

Rederma has been described as "a miracle". It helps to speed up the cellular reproduction that tends to slow with age. This firms and smoothes the skin, giving it a more youthful and radiant appearance. Laboratory produced, it is ultra-pure and ultra-effective. Patients have found that Rederma also helps to diminish redness associated with rosacea. The combination of ingredients combat free radicals and environmental damage. Plus - recent studies have provided evidence that Green Tea helps to prevent skin cancer.

Virginskin is an extremely effective "super moisturizer" that helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It makes skin feel softer, smoother and younger, and is a perfect base for makeup. Also, it's gentle enough for use after laser treatments and peels.

Clock Stopping C builds collagen and helps enhance the skin's own natural defense system while reversing the damaging effects of the environment and improving the skin's elasticity. Use before moisturizing for smoother, firmer looking skin. Its unique formula provides the benefits of 25% Vitamin C solution without irritation.

This unbelievable system will have you looking and feeling years younger in no time at all! Order your Alaur Skin Solutions today and see the difference for yourself!