Menopause BalanZ

Menopause BalanZ
Item# HSG9008

Menopause BalanZ is the Best Menopause Solution!

Only Meopause BalanZ sails you through the whole menopause transition in 6 months, while hormones need many years!

Reduce hot flashes in one month WITHOUT even a breast swelling side effect Feeling is believing !

Menopause BalanZ is not a folk remedy but a formal menopause treatment. Not only is it listed in the Chinese Pharmacopeia, but it is also covered by the Chinese government health insurance for menopause treatment. Moreover, it has been used for 29 years as an over-the-counter (OTC) medicine on the Chinese market.

  • Efficacy: Clinical trials have confirmed that its efficacy is up to 90 %. (1).
  • Safety: Animal studies found it didn't harm mice at high doses (2). So far, no side effects have been observed on millions of Chinese menopause women.
  • Quality: Presently, we are the only herb company in the world to identify herbs by DNA barcodes.


1. Why is Menopause BalanZ the best menopause solution?

First, it is fast and safe. Menopause BalanZ reduces hot flashes in 1 month without even a breast swelling side effect. Feeling is believing!

Moreover, it is the solution. Only Menopause BalanZ cures menopause symptoms, while hormones mask daily symptoms without addressing the underlying cause.

2. How can Menopause BalanZ sail you through the whole menopause transition in 6 months, while hormones need many years?

Obviously, the best solution for any problem is to solve its cause.

Menopause is NOT caused by estrogen deficiency. Estrogen levels are supposed to be low after menopause, and actually high estrogen levels are prone to cause cancers.

In fact, menopause is caused by fluctuating hormones. Just like a car starting and stopping, it gets jerks. At the onset and end of periods, a woman gets two transitions of fluctuating hormones: puberty and menopause. No wonder you have irregular periods and mood swings during puberty and menopause. No wonder pubertal daughters and menopausal mothers are so sensitive to each other.

However, both synthetic and bio-identical hormones mask daily symptoms without solving the real cause, so you have to take hormones for many years.

Uniquely, Menopause BalanZ pacifies the ebb and flow of fluctuating hormones by a simple principle: cool herbs for hot flashes.

In short, hormones are for masking symptoms; cool herbs are for solving problems.

Without Menopause BalanZ, your body has to struggle for 5 -10 years to reach peaceful hormone balance

Menopause BalanZ contains absolutely NO hormones: no soy or yam bio-identical hormones. According to the FDA's dietary supplement regulations, all the ingredients are listed here: 13 herbs and 2 minerals.

(1). Tree peony (Paeonia suffruticosa)-root bark (2). Di Huang (Rehmannia glutinosa)-root (3). Cooked Di Huang (4). Water plantain ( Alisma orientalis)-rhizome (5). Hoelen (Poria cocos)-fungus (6). Dwarf lily turf(Ophiopogon japonica)-root (7). Five-flavor seed (Schisandra chinensis)-fruit (8). Knotweed (Polygonum multiflorum)-vine (9). Cooked knotweed (Polygonum multiflorum)-root (10). Figwort(Scrophularia ningpoensis)-root (11). Gambir(Uncaria rhynchophylla)-thorn (12). Golden eye grass(Curculigo orchioides)-rhizome (13). Wheat(Triticum aestivum)-fruit (14). Pearl oyster shell-(calcium) (15). Magnetite Magnetitum -(iron)


1. Shaanxi Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine 27(10), 2006.

2. Study of Chinese Patent Medicine 3, 1987.