BeeAlert 18oz Aerosol Spray

Item# HSG8314

The BeeAlert Aerosol Spray distributes a non-toxic, environmentally safe spray formula that defends against attacking bees and wasps.

The BeeAlert life-saving defense system was developed in cooperation with tractor manufacturers, ranchers, tractor operators, and others whose work or recreation puts them at risk of stinging insect attacks. The BeeAlert Aerosol Spray is the only non-toxic solution for those who find themselves under attack by Killer Bees and other stinging insects.

Stops Swarms of Stinging Insects Including Africanized Killer Bees On Contact!

For protection from insect attack: Hold can upright and spray BeeAlert®
Bee Control Formula at and around area where insects attack. In the event of a
severe bee attack remain calm and concentrate spray around the face and head to form a “halo” of spray. Avoid direct, contact with eyes. Remove yourself from the hot zone.

The Aerosol Spray is specially designed to be lightweight and compact. When sprayed properly, the BeeAlert protective formula forms a halo of protection.

Ideal for use by weekend homeowners, campers, hikers, survey crews, hunters, horse riders, or anyone in need of emergency protection from swarms of stinging insects.

BeeAlert is the Solution for Killer Bee Attacks!