MoldResults™ Test Kit

MoldResults™ Test Kit
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Introducing the MoldResults™ Test Kit, a system designed to help those concerned about mold in their home, apartment, or office get the results they need quickly and easily. With this system you will be able to confirm the presence of mold and fungi that can possibly have harmful effects.

The MoldResults™ Test Kit allows you to collect a professional mold sample with it’s extremely simple and innovative technique. You will find all of the necessary supplies included in the kit; detailed easy instructions, latex-free gloves, a professional yet simple mold collection system; it even includes the postage, mailing label, and box to send the samples back to our lab. Unlike other mold test kits that surprise buyers with hidden costly laboratory fees, the MoldResults™ Test Kit includes the cost of professional analysis and a report that is detailed yet easy to understand.

Our professionally certified lab, American Mold Laboratories, creators of the MoldResults™ Test kit, is staffed with highly trained and certified technicians. Samples are analyzed and an easy to read report is sent back to the buyer within a week. Buyers will find out whether they have mold and what type is present, even whether it is toxic or not.

The MoldResults™ test kit is ideal for renters unable to get their landlords attention regarding a potential mold threat, home owners worried about a discoloration on their wall, employees fearing sick building syndrome, even home inspectors and mold professionals.

With your order today you will receive:
  • The state-of-the-art cello-lift mold collection slide
  • Latex-free gloves to protect your skin against possible mold spores
  • Return pre-paid postage
  • MoldResults™ Test Kit Custody Form, which allows us to accurately produce and send a complete lab report.
  • Detailed Instructions on how to use the MoldResults™ Test Kit
  • No hidden lab fee, the price of the MoldResults™ Test Kit covers a certified professional laboratory to analyze your samples and send you a simple easy to read report of the findings.

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