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Bountiful Router - The Most Powerful Wireless Router Ever! Bountiful.
Bountiful Router - The Most Powerful Wireless Router Ever! Bountiful.
Item# HSG2320

Introducing the most reliable, Industrial Strength router that will get you to the Internet faster from farther away!

The Bountiful Router’s innovative design makes it the first-of-it’s-kind wireless router with the ability to extend the coverage area and reduce contention in the network. Most wireless routers provide a wireless signal of approximately 100 milliwatts, while the Bountiful Router’s wireless signal reaches a level of slightly less than 1,000 milliwatts – just below the maximum allowed by the FCC.

It is the most powerful router allowed by the FCC. Nearly 1 watt of power. No other 802.11g router comes even close!

How does the Bountiful Router work? The enhanced Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) contained within the device acts like huge “ears” allowing the router to “hear” or receive information from even the weakest of clients. The Bountiful Router produces a more constant and clean wireless signal. It is a reliable and secure wireless solution that companies of any size can benefit from.

Bountiful Router Advantages:
  • Abundant & constant signal
  • Up to 4 times the range of comparable routers
  • Considerably less than enterprise solutions
  • No additional boosters or antennas required
  • Easy to install-plug and play!
  • Great for large homes and businesses

    "After trying a variety of wireless router solutions, I had given up on wireless in my 3 story house. I came across a Popular Science blurb on Bountiful WiFi and decided to check it out. The performance improvements are worth every penny. I’ll recommend it to all my friends."
    - John from Virginia