Car Art™ Temporary Paint - 3 Pack

Item# HSG2543

Car Art™ Temporary Paint

Is your team playing the "big game" this week-end?  Show your team spirit!
Use Car Art™ Temporary Paint™ to spray your favorite teams name on your car and
when the games over, you can quickly and easily clean it right off.



This is the newest and coolest way to add temporary paint to any car, truck or van. Plus Car Art™ Temporary Paint™ has many residential, commercial and recreational uses.  It dries in less than a minute, and it won’t wash off in the rain. Not to worry, it leaves no residue on the surface to which it’s applied. Cleaning up Car Art™ is a snap — just use soap, water and a sponge or power wash it off.


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Car Art™ Temporary Paint in use

Green/Gold/White 3 Pack
Red/White/Blue 3 Pck