The Cat Hut

Item# HSG7333


Isn't it our job, as cat lovers,
to ensure the happiness and comfort of our beloved animals?  Give them a place to call their own.   The Cat Hut is a specially designed portable pet station featuring a cozy hut where your pet can sleep, a feeding station, a scratching pole, and a colorful toy pole with a stuffed bird, a toy mouse and a flittering butterfly on the pole.


L x 26'' W x 26'' H x 18"
weight - approx.  25lbs

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The Single Cat Hut is a specially designed pet station configured specifically to meet the most basic needs of a cat.   The Cat Hut boasts an ample, covered shelter providing a cozy sleeping  area for the cat, as well as a scratching post and a colorful toy pole. The Cat Hut provides your pet a convenient location in which to eat, sleep, play and lounge. The Single Cat Hut is no longer than your living room coffee table,  with an oval shaped base platform measuring approximately four feet in length and two to three feet in height. Designed to provide optimal comfort, this platform would be covered in lush, soft carpeting, which could be easily vacuumed for routine maintenance. The carpet, food bowls, toys, and scratching pole can all be replaced once they have been worn from use by your cat.

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