Item# HSG9044

CHANGES is a puberty kit for young girls designed to help you guide your daughter through her first period in a relaxed, informative and confidence-building way. Too often little or no communication leads to misinformation and improper guidance. And since puberty happens only once in a lifetime, there's no margin for error.

Both versions empower your daughter to express the person she is. And both are filled with easy to understand information and facts designed to foster an open, two-way conversation between you and your daughter about puberty and her first period. Select the one that's right for the young girl in your life.

The Guide:
  • Changes In Your Body
  • Your First Period
  • Your Moods
  • Your Complexion
  • Changes In Body Odor
  • Diet and Exercise
  • How To Talk To Your Parents About These Changes

Journal, Mood Pen, Calendar:
  • The Mood Pen has 4 colors of ink, each one reflects your feelings and thoughts.
  • The special Journal is there for you to jot them down, all those secret thoughts.
  • The fun Calendar helps you to track and record your period. With the touch of a finger and a quick spin, you’ll know exactly when your period is due

"Young Miss" fragrances:
  • DIVA - when you feel daring and confident
  • I FEEL PRETTY  - when you’re feeling really good about how you look, and everything looks sunny.
  • RAINY DAY - when you need just a little extra boost spray.

"Tomboy" fragrances:

  • TOMBOY - for that big game, or when you feel there’s no stopping you.
  • CELEBRATE - when something so great happens you just want to jump up and cheer.
  • KNOW IT ALL - those days when you just know you can do anything you set your mind.