Cinema Secrets Professional Cleaner Kit

Item# HSG8126

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Cinema Secrets
developed a brush cleaner many years ago in response to the demands of professional makeup artists in Hollywood, for a brush cleaner that actually cleaned and sanitized the brushes.

Included in the Cinema Secrets Professional Cleaner Kit :
Cinema Secrets Professional 4oz Brush Cleaner
Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner Tin
Cinema Secrets Professional Fluff Brush

Cinema Secrets Professional Brush Cleaner
is the only brush cleaner that cleans, conditions, sanitizes, and promotes longevity with all makeup brushes.

It contains no alcohol or harmful ingredients that will harm natural hair or synthetic fibers, yet it is strong enough to clean stubborn mascara, lipstick and other highly pigmented cosmetics from brushes.

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Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner Tin is used for cleaning your bushes of all sizes properly.  Always use the Brush cleaner tin to avoid contamination of the brush cleaner in the bottle.

  • Pour about ¼ to ½ inch deep with Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner into the Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner Tin.
  • Remove excess makeup residue from the brush.
  • For small brushes, place the brush into the Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner.  Brushes naturally absorb liquids, so let your brush do the work for you. Pull the brush out of the brush cleaner and wipe across tissue, etc.  Repeat until tissue is clean.
  • For larger brushes (like a powder brush) place just the tip of the brush in the Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner.  Remove the brush, and gently remove the makeup residue of out the bristles using a tissue. This may be repeated if necessary.
  • Allow to dry completely:1 to 2 minutes for smaller brushes, 10 to 20 minutes for larger brushes. Using a blow dryer can decrease the drying time significantly.  
  • Your brushes are now completely cleaned, conditioned, and sanitized.

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Cinema Secrets Professional Fluff Brush is a double crimped brush,  made from real hair. 

Cinema Secrets brush tops are called heads. These brush-heads are hand made with great passion & care, by our skilled workmen, who have the ability to turn a bunch of hair and ferrule into an awe-inspiring brush head. We use top quality, and superior processing, for all of hair used in Cinema Secrets Brushes.

The handle is made from solid wood and not wood glued together that can be damaged or fall apart due to some brush cleaners that contain alcohol. When a brush with a wooden handle is placed in brush cleaner and the handle is exposed to a brush cleaner containing alcohol, the brush cleaner reacts with the glues and adhesives that hold the brush handle together and will eventually cause the handle to split or shred.  

All our brass ferrules are made in a modern manufacturing plant with high stress on dimensional accuracy and perfect surface finish. The finished surface is chromed. Most ferrules are “crimped” on to the wooden handle. Cinema Secrets Brushes are crimped and double crimped and glued using industrial epoxy. How many times have you felt the ferrule on the handle slip or get loose, only to eventually fall off and separate from the handle? Cinema Secrets Brushes will not do this!