ColorRite ScratchMagic Pen

ColorRite ScratchMagic Pen
Item# HSG10138

Easily fix unsightly scratches on your vehicle, without wasting money at the repair shop! Use ColorRite ScratchMagic Pen!

The ColorRite ScratchMagic Pen tip is chisel-shaped, similar to a permanent marker and is simple for anyone to use.

  • Chemically bonds to the surface to protect your vehicle from the elements
  • No messy clay bar
  • No sanding or elbow grease
  • No epoxies or adhesive needed
  • Permanent & works on every color

Keep your cars, motorcycles and boats scratch free with the reusable, ColorRite ScratchMagic Pen!

How To Use:

1. Clean the scratched surface of all dirt, grime and grease.

2. Shake the pen

3. Press the tip till the clear coat flows freely

4. Lightly dab clear coat into the scratch.

5. Allow clear coat to thoroughly dry for at least 24 hours.

6.Your scratch is now virtually invisible!