The Conception Kit by Conceivex

Item# HSG7335

Each Year More Than Seven Million Americans Struggle With Fertility Issues.

The Conception Kit is the first and only affordable FDA-cleared reproductive healthcare system that is designed to be used in the privacy of your home.  The kit contains a three month supply of all essential components. The Conception Kit empowers couples by giving them a set of useful tools to aid in becoming pregnant.


The Conception Kit can help address the following problems:

  • Low Sperm Count 
  • Low sperm motility (weak swimming sperm) 
  • and other conditions
The Conception Kit is the perfect complement to fertility medications.


Effective Private Affordable

The cornerstone of the kit is the Conception Cap, which brings the semen in direct contact with the opening of the cervix for four to six hours. This allows the sperm cells a greater opportunity to move into the uterine cavity and fertilize an egg. 

The purpose of the Conception Cap is to concentrate all the available semen, unexposed to the vaginal environment, at the opening of the cervical is where it will be in contact with the cervical mucus.

This is revolutionary!!!!  Never before have couples been able self-inseminate using a cap (made out of the highest grade of silicone that used in heart valves) and insert in the privacy of her own home, without going to the doctor and without a discomforting procedure of injection.

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