Correct Sight

Item# HSG2510

The Correct Sight is a very simple training aid that can be used anywhere, anytime, by anyone.  It can even be used to enhance the benefits of other training aids.  Correct Sight increases your focus on the golf ball.  It will provide you, the golfer, with immediate feedback as to whether you have excessive head movement during full swing, chipping and putting.

How it works:

  • Easily clips to hat or visor

  • Adjust eye piece until level with your eyes

  • Ensures consistent golf ball placement

Correct Sight will:

  • Train golfer to keep heady steady

  • Prevent fat and thin shots

  • Reinforce a consistent and repeatable putting stroke

  • Enable golfer to focus on the ball for solid contact

Correct Sight is a simple and effective tool that reinforces an important fundamental rule of golfing - Keep Your Eyes on the Ball!