Dance Off The Inches DVDís

Dance Off The Inches DVDís (Set of 3)
Item# HSG6701

Take the work out of working out with the fun and effective
Dance Off the Inches DVDís from Anchor Bay.

With the Dance Off The Inches DVDís you can join in the fun and  lose
inches too!  No matter your age or fitness level each of these DVD's will help
you to get into great shape.  The more you dance the more weight you'll lose.
It's that simple.

Just 10 moves are all you need to dance along with these sizzling routines Ė
 and weíll show you how! Youíll want to do these programs again and again
because itís just FUN Ė and thatís the secret.  Losing inches has never been so easy! 
Order today and you'll get the Fat Burning Jam, Tummy Tone Party Zone and
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