Desmo S Treadmill

Desmo S Treadmill
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Introducing the Desmo S from Woodway, the treadmill that combines science with technology to help you achieve your fitness goals!

Woodway treadmills feature an original, patented design that was developed in response to conventional treadmill designs. Woodway's designers set out to develop a safe and comfortable running surface without the friction associated with the conveyor belt style. They started with a ball-bearing transportation system. Then they created an entirely new running surface.

Woodway has separated the running surface from the transportation system to provide:
  • A 3/8" thick vulcanized rubber T-slat that absorbs shock at the point of impact without changing the biomechanics of running.
  • An endless wire reinforced lateral belt (zero stretch - no adjusting) that runs on 116 ABEC 1 rated bearings and 10 tracking rollers (1/8" lateral tolerance).
  • This combined system provides a running surface of 37-43 type A shore hardness, which was found by the Deutsche Sporthochschule in Koln (Germany) to be the ideal "softness" to eliminate 90% of the harmful shock to connective tissue, while not changing proper biomechanics.
  • The low friction ball bearing transportation system alleviates the forces to all mechanical and electrical parts, resulting in less wear, less maintenance, fewer repairs, lower electric bills, and a longer treadmill life.

    The Desmo S comes equipped with a personal training board LCD screen, and allows speed increments of .1 MPH. You can even monitor your heart rate by holding the hand grips while you exercise! Plus, you can order it with an optional TV Screen! Upgrade your Desmo S to come equipped with a 13" or a 15" TV screen.

    The Desmo S is the only treadmill designed for the Human Race. The special attention to the build and design of this treadmill creates a low-impact feel, which your legs, knees, and entire body will appreciate!

    Order your Desmo S Treadmill from Woodway today and get into shape like you've always wanted!

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