Earth Tones by OPAL EARTH - with free refill!

Earth Tones by OPAL EARTH - with free refill!
Earth Tones by OPAL EARTH - with free refill!
Item# HSG-D300

Earth Tones by OPAL EARTH - with free refill!
In the center of the universe there is a fire…like that of a precious opal...and within every woman there is a hidden glowing beauty like that opal...waiting to be discovered.

OPAL EARTH combines the essence of your inner glow with the simplicity of refined minerals to bring forth
your hidden fire...your opal!

OPAL EARTH represents over a decade of simple beauty by using carefully hand milled and blended color pigments from Nature’s own pallet to create extraordinary images of unique, glowing radiance for every complexion.

OPAL EARTH provides Nature’s exact colors in this unusual formulation. Personal body chemistry is the catalyst to create a look unique to the wearer. Fragrance free with no artificial fillers, additives or synthetic oils, this environmentally friendly product is economical to use for bronzing effects, as a blush, eye shadow, lip color and even a nail color.

Key Benefits
  • Pure, refined mineral pigments… Red, brown, yellow, black and white.
  • Preservative and fragrance free!
  • Stand alone color!
  • Can be worn over existing makeup application!
  • Looks fantastic on most skin tones.
  • Will not clog pores.
  • Long lasting, yet washes away easily with cleanser.
  • Chemical free.
  • Creativity in a single product
  • Dimensional coloring.

  • Special free offer!

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    OPAL EARTH - Creating the Face of the Future!