EChip Bait Technology

Item# HSG9363

EChip Bait Technology
Winning Tournaments Worldwide

Fish use 5 Sensory Systems to Feed

  • Sight - fish have good eyesight but don't see well in poor conditions or at close range. Cloudy water, dirty water and deep dark water inhibit sight.
  • Smell - Important for some fish but scent trails are narrow and inaccurate for catching prey.
  • Sound - Sounds travels fast in water but it is very inaccurate for predators at close range.
  • Vibration - Critical for general attraction to a region but it is also inaccurate at close range.
  • Electro Sensitivity - Critical for triggering strikes and enabling fish to exactly locate and strike their prey.

While sight smell and sound bring fish to an area, Electro-Location is the primary tool fish use to determine what and where to strike. Used by over one million anglers worldwide, the EChip is scientifically & practically to attract