Fisheye Filter

Fisheye Filter
Item# HSGFisheye

  • Blocks Moisture & Oil
  • Easy To Install
  • Earth Friendly - Long life housing*
  • Reusable element
  • Saves You Money - Reduces paint failures while protecting pneumatics tools
  • Light weight - only 3.5 oz
  • Flow Rate 25
  • Operable to 125 psi
  • Filters to .85 Microns
  • 100% Made in the USA

*Limited life time warranty


This advanced element is the essence of our air filter. The special polymer that comprises this element absorbs moisture until completely saturated. When saturation occurs the element completely stops airflow, preventing damage to your tools or paint projects. This saves you rework and costly repairs. "The element can be dried and reused saving even more money *"


"Wet, nasty contaminated air is of little use to your project - no matter if you're a professional or just a guy or gal in the garage. The problem is small, but harmful amounts of moisture and other contaminants (oil, acids, moisture, and sludge) can get into the airlines."

Moisture is introduced by warm air condensing in the airline as it travels down the airlines and cools, producing condensation. "When moisture and other contaminants are introduced to the paint or powder, they dramatically affect the quality of your spray finish."

“The disposable types of filters work to a certain degree. However, when they saturate, they allow all these contaminates to pass into the tools and paint, thereby costing more money. The only solution with disposables filters is to continue spending money on replacing them.”

THE SOLUTION: The Fisheye Filter. The best filters on the market today. That may be a bold statement until you understand its capabilities. The high-tech element blocks moisture by reacting with it, preventing liquid from getting into your equipment.  After many hours of use when the element may become saturated by this liquid, the element seals itself off to stop the air flow alerting a problem. Simply change out the element and continue working. The old element can be dried and reused later.

The housing is made to last a life time* and the element can be reused, outperforming disposables filters 100 to 1 and saving you both time and money.