FlashCheck Jumbo Display Pocket Probe Digital Thermometer

Item# HSG8008

The Flashcheck Jumbo Display Pocket Probe Digital Thermometer is a professional tool that has been used by health inspectors, QA managers, supermarket managers and professional chef. Now this new modern design, next-generation tool is made available to consumers’ home where temperature is considered the key for household food safety in food preparation, storage and cooking.

  • Easy to read jumbo LCD display

  • Reduced tip probe for fast response time and great for small food items

  • User-friendly °C/°F instant conversion

  • Waterproof & grease resistant and can be cleaned with soap and water

  • Accurate, electronic calibration

  • Magnet on the back for easy keeping in home kitchen

  • Complies with FDA Food Safety Code 4- 302.12(B) for measuring temperature of “thin masses” of food, i.e., meat patties, chicken and fish fillets