GEOBIN™ Composting System

Item# HSG8078

The GEOBIN™ is a low-cost, portable and practical composting system.

This sturdy, flexible and well-ventilated bin is easy to assemble, easy to fill and easy to maintain.  Made of rugged, lightweight plastic, the GEOBIN™ is designed to be free standing and strong, yet bendable enough to place in most any shaped landscape.  The bin provides excellent aeration and because of the generous amount of air holes and open top, the composting process takes place very quickly.

GEOBIN™ holds over 14 bushels of composting materials, perfect for grass clippings and leaves.

  • Lightweight rugged plastic bin creates an instant composting system
  • Ventilating holes admit air and moisture
  • Excellent aeration, heat and moisture retention
  • Adjustable to over 3 feet in diameter
  • Includes support stakes and fastening hardware
  • Creates a rich garden soil that's beneficial for your garden plants and flowers
  • Helps reduce landfill waste
  • Fast and easy to assemble