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Endorsed by Dr. Jim Suttie, 2000 National PGA Teacher of the Year

Any golfer can tell you the greatest hazards on the course arenít the sand traps, water, or rough; but rather faults in their swing! According to legendary players and top teaching pros, the grip is the foundation for the entire golf swing and the number one fundamental needed to start improving your game. Learning proper technique, and repeating these motions, is what trains the body and refines your golf swing. But no matter how many lessons you take, range balls you hit, or different methods you try, bad habits are nearly impossible to breakÖuntil now.

Introducing the Grip Mentorô, a simple to use, highly effective training tool that offers immediate help for golfers at every level!

A lightweight, ultra refined tool that easily attaches to any club in your bag, the Grip Mentorô works with equal effectiveness on a variety of different size handles and for left or right handed players. It starts working immediately, helping to naturally align your hands in the proper position, and ingraining the necessary muscle memory feedback vital to learning critical fundamentals. Unlike most training aids on the market, itís virtually unnoticeable. Whatís more, because of its lightweight plastic construction and sleek black design, the Grip Mentorô doesnít inhibit the natural swing weight or feel of your club. Able to quickly transfer from pocket to club, it teaches proper grip pressure and positioning of your hands for a reliable grip with every club. By instilling proper grip mechanics and habits, the Grip Mentorô allows the appropriate muscles in the body to swing freely and work together throughout the swing, eliminating the need to manipulate the clubface at impact.

By reinforcing the necessary habits that the Grip Mentorô teaches, players can generate more club head speed while developing a smooth, consistent, repeatable swing that results in dramatically lower scores. It also helps prevent the agonizing slicing or hooking that torments so many golfers, while putting an end to pinching and casting, re-gripping, and early release.

Through this special offer, you can order the Grip Mentorô Training Kit for an incredible low price!

The Grip Mentorô Training Kit includes the incredible Grip Mentorô and a helpful video and a detailed practice and range guide that not only instructs on how to properly take advantage of the innovative tool, but also offers easy to follow guidelines on constructing a fundamentally sound swing. Hosted by Chuck Beauregard, inventor of the Grip Mentorô, the video perfectly complements the training tool, making it the perfect gift or self purchase for golfers of all levels.

The Grip Mentorô
  • Use Grip Mentorô at home, at the office, or at the golf course  
  • Installation is quick and easy for right or left-handed clubs
  • Easily transfers from club to club!
  • It gives you instant feedback/li>
  • For golfers of all levels
  • It will shave strokes off your game from the very first use
  • Grip Mentorô instills confidence by teaching a consistent and proper grip, grip pressure, a late release, and a connected and repeatable golf swing
  • It prevents slicing, hooking, pinching, and casting
  • Works with any club! Right or Left Hand, Ladies Grips, Jumbo or Oversized Drivers!

  • Golfers everywhere - men, women, children, low handicap, or high - are reporting significant improvements with the user-friendly Grip Mentorô. Whether in front of the television, at the office, on the range, or even on the links, each and every time you place your hands on the Grip Mentorô youíre one step closer to developing the key fundamental which will improve your swing for a lifetime. If youíre just learning to golf, or learning to love the game all over again, the Grip Mentorô teaches you to grip it like a pro, and take your game to the next level.

    When used properly the Grip Mentorô concentrates on fundamentals and teaches you through muscle memory feedback. There may not be a specific grip for every one, but there are certain things that must happen to be consistent. The Grip Mentorô adjusts to different positions to accommodate different players tendencies. Many teachers are already saying, "If I could get my students to use this tool and start gripping the club properly, half the battle would already be won."

    Look closely at the pictures above of top tour players to see the common characteristics they share in their grip. This will emphasizes why the grip is so important. Adjustments are not always easy, but sometimes necessary.

    "In golf there are certain things you must do precisely, where being approximately right is not enough. The grip is one area that being half right accomplishes nothing. Being painstaking about learning a proper grip rewards you a thousand times over." -- Ben Hogan

    Below are two images that show how pronounced the index finger should be.

    Professionals use this finger for several different reasons:
  • As a bridge for the grip and club at the top of the back swing.

  • Cradling the club on the down swing.

  • Most importantly, when the index finger is in this trigger position it cannot squeeze, which prevents the potential to manipulate the clubface.

  • The slightest twist or flip with the hands changes the angle of the clubface at impact.

    The Grip Mentorô will teach you the importance of a proper grip and grip pressure

    The unique design of the triangle prevents the thumb from getting on top or behind the grip.

    In this position players tend to cast, push, or throw the club head at the ball, hitting erratic shots and losing club head speed.
    In this position it bridges the heel of the upper hand preventing a player from gripping it too weak through the palm and keeping it more in the fingers. This helps to get the club in proper position at the top and makes it easier to release the club at impact.

    Grip Mentorô Testimonials
    We're sure you'll love the Grip Mentor, but don't take our word for it!
    See what these golfers had to say!

    The grip is the only connection a player has to the club. Iíve worked with thousands of players through the years from high handicappers to top tour players and except for the better players a proper grip is the most overlooked and under taught aspect of the golf swing by players and teachers alike.

    The Grip Mentorô is the best training aid that I have seen to teach players the proper fundamentals of the grip while learning the muscle memory necessary to feel a smooth repeatable golf swing. One of the things I like most about the Grip Mentorô is that my students love to practice with it because its so easy to use and they see results so quickly.

        --   Dr. Jim Suttie, 2000 National PGA Teacher of the Year
    For many years I played competitive baseball. When I started playing golf more often than not I had a tendency to come over the top as many baseball players do in there transition from baseball to golf. I started using the GRIP MENTORô and almost immediately I had positive results due to having a proper grip and for the first time learning proper grip pressure. It corrected my bad habits, and instead of casting the club it helped me stay on a consistent swing plane. I have since knocked 8 to 10 strokes off my game and I am seeing constant improvement.

        --   Michael Hannon(28 hdcp), Westfield, Massachusetts
    Due to my knowledge of the biomechanics involved in the golf swing I found the Grip Mentorô to be extremely effective. It enabled me to develop and refine my swing through the muscle memory feedback I received while practicing. I especially liked that I was able to actually put it on and hit some shots while I was playing with friends because its sometimes hard to find the time to practice. It has really changed my confidence and game.

        --   Dr. Tegan Thimesch (8 handicap), Chicago, Illinois

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