Gullwing Paddle

Item# HSG8218

We believe that the double curved handle in conjunction with the curved blades makes the Gullwing the most ergonomically correct paddle on the market. The handle portion with its more obvious curve gives a more natural and comfortable grip in comparison to the conventional straight paddle. Similar to a natural 10 and 2 grip on a car steering wheel reducing grip strength, arm extension and the resulting fatigue.
How is the Gullwing Paddle different from ordinary paddles?

Because of the angle at which the Gullwing blade enters the water and the low angle of the shaft in comparison to a normal paddle, therefore less arm extension = less fatigue and a much more enjoyable experience on the water.



The ergonomically curved shaped handle gives a more natural feel and a more comfortable grip than that of a conventional straight paddle. The handle is made of a light weight durable aluminum alloy and the curved blades are made of fiberglass reinforced nylon. The powder coated textured handle allows the rower to have a good grip no matter where the handle is held.