HairPro Therapy Device

HairPro Therapy Device
Item# HSG9035

The HairPro Therapy device has been designed to assist with hair re-growth for men and woman diagnosed with androgenic alopecia.  This is accomplished through increased vasodilation caused by the application of infrared and visible red light energy at very specific wavelengths. 

With more than 80 ultra-luminous diodes, nothing else comes close the coverage area or the sheer energy output.  Despite all the power, HairPro is perfectly safe and has been proven in the medical device market for more than 9 years.  In fact, it's so safe that it's registered as an exempt device with the FDA.

HairPro is a flexible pad consisting
of alternating rows of ultra-luminous infrared and visible red LED's.  The entire control system is embedded into the pad itself creating a simple plug-n-play operation.


The large 3 X 7 inch pad can be strategically placed at various different points in the cap allowing the user to position the pad inside the cap so that it covers the area needing illumination.

  • Truly unattended therapy! Designed to be used in the car during your commute or at home.
  • No need to create special time to accomplish your goal.
  • Completely private…no one needs to know…looks like an ordinary cap.

No need to "brush" your hair for 30 minutes day, for a year, like with other phototherapy devices.

Use once or twice a day for 15-30 minutes.  The pad automatically shuts off at 30 minutes.

3 easy steps to use:

  • Determine what area needs treatment and position pad inside cap

  • Place the cap on your head

  • Plug into the power supply

The cap will not be overly snug, it should simply rest on your head.