Hanging Garden

Hanging Garden
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Now you can have your very own vegetable garden, even if your home has limited space!

That's right, if you have access to sunlight, regardless of available space, you can grow your very own vegetables with the Hanging Garden from Master Manufacturing.

There are many problems that arise from growing your own vegetables in the ground or in potted soil, that can easily be avoided by using the Hanging Garden.

A persistant problem that gardeners experience is lack of space. Vegetables, especially tomatoes, take up a substantial amount of space. These space requirements are inconvenient and prevent those living in apartments or with limited yard space from enjoying their own home-grown vegetables. The Hanging Garden, however, takes up very little space, and no floor space. With the Hanging Garden you grow the vegetables out the bottom of the planter, and the planter is hung from your porch, balcony, tree, or anywhere else there is sunlight!

Another issue that can be avoided with the Hanging Garden is the problem of ground pests. In order to have a successful vegetable garden, it needs to be insect-free. Considerable time and expense must be incurred using pesticides and other means to maintain a healthy garden. Since vegetables grow on or near the ground, these pests have easy access and will eat your precious vegetables! Plus, even after you've treated your plants, the insects are likely to come back, causing more damage. The Hanging Garden makes it much more difficult for these ground dwelling pests to get to your vegetables.

Yet another irritation gardeners deal with is the time and expense dedicated to keeping a weed-free garden. Many back-breaking hours are spent throughout the growing season to keep a garden free of weeds. Failure to do this will decrease the productivity and health of the plants, as well as increase the chance of insect infestation.

Many vegetables, particularly tomatoes, need to be tied up with stakes or chicken wire. The vegetables must be kept from lying on the ground in order to prevent rot due to soil moisture and ground insects. As these plants continue to grow they need to be retied and readjusted. Again, considerable time and effort is incurred tying up each individual plant to prevent the plants from lying on the ground as they grow.

Finally, a garden must be watered regularly to maintain plant health. Such need is especially important during the dry season in the end of the summer months. As a result, substantial time must be put aside on a regular basis to water the garden, mindful of the risk of over-watering the plants.

All of these factors make it difficult for many people to grow their own vegetable garden. The solution is the Hanging Garden. It saves space, time and even money, and produces delicious vegetables every time!

Now you can order your very own Hanging Garden for only 29.95 plus S&H!