Hang & Level - The Picture Hanging Tool

Item# HSG9337

The Picture Hanging Problem:
How do you hang pictures exactly where you want them on the first try without measuring, calculating or wasting time?
Without extra holes and damage to
your walls, or ...
Misaligned frames ruining the look?

The Picture Hanging Solution: Hang & Level

  • Marks exactly where the nail goes
  • Works for single or double nail placement
  • Saves you time and frustration
  • Saves your walls by eliminating “mistake” holes and scratches
  • Easily hangs one or more pictures (horizontally or vertically)
  • Has two built-in levels to ensure pictures are straight
  • Maximum weight 10 lbs for the single hook, 20 lbs for the double hooks
  • A great solution for hanging other small wall décor items such as clocks, mirrors, plaques, and collage frames

How to Use Hang & Level
Place your picture on the hook. Use one hook for small or light pictures, two hooks for larger, heavier pictures.
  Position your picture on the wall. Find the right spot. Remove the picture without moving the tool.   Press the button(s) to mark exactly where the nail(s) goes.
Hammer the nail(s) into the wall.


  Hang your picture and then level it using the tool.   Repeat to create groupings of pictures.
Works with all types of hanging hardware:

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