The Hayes Way™ "No Excuses" DVD



  No Excuses
Fitness Expert Steve Hayes is living proof you can get fit and be fit at any age!



You can do this 18 minute DVD workout anywhere, anytime!

All you need is a chair. The perfect mix of cardio intervals and total body conditioning, that's easy for people of all levels to follow.

- Sprints, Boxing & Piston Runs
- Bicycle Pump, Lunges, Pushups, Dips, Standing Crunch, the Pretzel & more!


Want more resistance and cardio drills?

Try this 22 minute DVD work-out with bands & a chair.  Features more cardio bursts skillfully combined with effective band exercises.

- Thrust Sprint, Chair Hop. New School Jumping Jacks
- Sprints. Triceps, Biceps, Back Legs & Core


Strength Training: The Hayes Way™ tones and
strengthens the body, improves overall healthy and
seemingly reverses the aging process. Hayes combines
strength (resistance) training, cardio conditioning and eating right. The foundation of youth and optimum fitness comes with strong tendons and a firm core/abs. Hayes focuses on alternating the muscles worked ("push/pull") and the laws of physics to engage the muscles from all angles.

Cardio Conditioning: Improves circulation and supports your strength training. In keeping with The Hayes Way principles, cardio-conditioning engages the core and uses specific arm and leg motions to maximize results. Cardio conditioning can be applied to everyone; whether you walk, run, sprint, hike or climb steps.

"Growing up as one of nine children, I faced the rough streets of Washington D.C. and the physical challenges of a skinny, asthmatic child with a metabolic aversion to most medications."

While in college at Howard University, I began exercising and developed a unique strength training and cardio-conditioning program. I graduated, gained a greater knowledge of fitness and a transformed, stronger and healthier body. My goal is to share The Hayes Way with everyone!"

Over the last 35 years, Steve has shared The Hayes Way with his clients, who cross all ages, men and women of any fitness level and those with health ailments. He has helped many of his clients become physically stronger, healthier and less reliant on medication.

  • Fitness Contributor NBC4, Washington DC
  • Age Defying, Body Defining Workout DVD, Gayle King’s favorite things In Oprah Holiday Issue
  • Featured in Men's Fitness, Trainer Spotlight
  • AFPA (American Fitness Professionals & Associates)