Hocus Focus Home Edition

Hocus Focus Home Edition
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Hocus Focus tm is a project-based, student-centered educational curriculum that utilizes the art of magic.  It's a systematic approach by which students learn to focus and accomplish specific goals and objectives by learning magic tricks – simple tricks at first and then more complex tricks as they progress – and then exploring the benefits of each one. 

It can be used in conjunction with the traditional academic curriculum and encompasses a variety of instructional strategies and techniques.

  • Following multi-step directions, concentration, and memory skills
  • Self-determination skills and building self-esteem
  • Improve On-task and participation behaviors
  • Develop leadership
  • Build positive peer relationships, peer-mentoring, and peer collaboration
  • Improve fine motor dexterity and gross motor coordination
  • Develop socialization skills
  • Positive impact on behavior

The Home Editions Kit Includes:

Parents Manual:

  • Introduction to Parents
  • Guidelines for Parents
  • Lesson and Illustrations for Magic Tricks

Instructional DVD:

  • Introduction for the Parents
  • Introduction or the Child
  • Performance and Step-by-Step instructions for each Trick

Supplemental CD:

  • Letter to the Parents
  • Student Illustration for each Trick
  • The Magicians Code of Ethics
  • Hocus Focus Diploma

Magic Supplies

About the Creator Kevin Spencer:

Very early in my career as a magician, I was in a bad accident & suffered a closed head injury & a lower spinal cord injury. I spent the next several months in physical and occupational therapy, bored and frustrated.

As a result, I developed a program that uses magic tricks as a fun way for patients to reach therapeutic goals and achieve self-efficacy. It was through my work with Occupational Therapists that I was first exposed to working with children with learning differences – especially those with ADHD, Emotional Behavior Disorder, Learning Disabilities, and
those on the Autism spectrum. Empowering all children to feel good about themselves and their accomplishments can increase their motivation to try harder, take more risks & continue to build their self-confidence.

The research we have conducted over the last year has demonstrated that all children can benefit – academically and functionally – by learning and performing magic as a means to strengthen the overall learning process and develop a healthy self-esteem. Through the Hocus Focus™ curriculum, learning experiences for all children can be less ordinary and more extraordinary.