Holiday Hangers

Holiday Hangers
Item# HSG6649A


Finally a quick and easy way to decorate your home with holiday lights and decorations.  Holiday Hangers puts the fun back in decorating for the holidays!  From your initial installation to the everyday use, this will be one of the easiest to use products that you have ever purchased. The initial Installation should take about 20 minutes and your everyday use will be a fraction of what it used to be to decorate for the holidays.



Holiday Hangers Installation Instructions:


Holiday Hangers are great year round and for every holiday or occasion. Look at these other cool ideas.

Your Holiday Hangers Kit includes:
32 Holiday Hanger nylon anchors
32 Holiday Hanger galvanized hooks
1 Holiday Hanger driver bit
1 Holiday Hanger drill bit


Holiday Hangers Extra Component Kit
Holiday Hangers Extra Component Kit

Package contains:
32 Recessed Anchors (Covers 60+ linear feet)
32 Hooks
Requires Holiday Hangers Drill Bit and Driver

Holiday Hangers Extra Component Kit HSG6649B