Jardine's Secret Complete Grooming Kit

Jardine's Secret Complete Grooming Kit
Item# HSG9874

Introducing Jardine's Secret Complete Grooming Kit, the all-inclusive pack of maine and coat products that are great for people too!

Many shampoos contain salts of a cheap surfactant that produce high foaming levels. But these surfactants have poorer rinsing qualities than the high quality surfactants found in Jardine's Secret Shampoo line. The poorer rinsing is due to insoluable residues formed from the cheap high foaming surfactant reacting with the hardness found in the rinse water. These residues can be irritating to the skin.

Surfactants in Jardine's Secret have excellent hard water tolerance and remain free rinsing and do not leave any potentially irritating residues.

This package includes 5 top-quality grooming products:
  • Ultimate Shampoo (really gets it clean)
  • Ultimate Whitening Shampoo (which is white, not purple)
  • Ultimate Final Shine (really makes it shine)
  • Ultimate Conditioner (makes fur and hair silky smooth)
  • Ultimate Self Rinse (which is white, not blue)

    All Jardine's Secret products are easy-rinsing and of the utmost quality. Purchase your package today for only $79.95 plus S&H.