Jox™ Athletic Shorts

Jox™ Athletic Shorts

Jox™ Athletic Shorts will make your whole body FEEL BETTER!

Jox™ Athletic Shorts combine three features into one unique and patented product that reduces pain and helps you stay active longer.  When the Jox™ Core Support System and the ability to use hot and cold therapy are combined with compression, they provide strength and support to the abdomen, lower back, and entire core.

Wearing Jox™ Athletic Shorts allows you to perform your best and feel better afterwards. Whether you are on the golf course, working out, or doing chores around the house, you will feel stronger and more flexible while active, and less sore afterwards.

Patented Core Support System

Jox™ Athletic Shorts have been engineered to give you the strength and support needed to do the things you like to do with less pain, and stay active longer. Jox™ Athletic Shorts are worn like underwear, but have a supportive belt that fastens across your abdomen, providing support and compression to your entire core. You will be amazed by the support to your back and entire body that you get from our Core Support System. We recommend wearing Jox™ during physical activity, but if you try wearing Jox™ once, you might start wearing them every day.

Hot and Cold Therapy Where You Need It Most!

Jox™ Hot Pax™ and Jox™ Cold Pax direct hot and cold therapy exactly where you need it – the L4/L5 area of the spine. This is the area of the spine that experiences the most wear and tear during movement and activity which can lead to lower back pain. Unlike many flimsy products that constantly shift around, when you use a Hot or Cold Pax™, it’s guaranteed to stay in place where you need it.  Heat therapy has been clinically proven to relieve minor aches and pains.

  • Before activity, drop a Hot Pax™ into your Jox™ Athletic Shorts to help loosen up, increase flexibility, and reduce pain.
  • While active, our Core Support System gives you the strength and support you need, while limiting stress on the rest of the body.
  • Afterwards, use a Cold Pax™ to reduce inflammation and provide soothing comfort to your lower back.
Improve Performance, Reduce Pain, and Enjoy Yourself

Jox™ Athletic Shorts were designed to help our customers feel better doing the things they like to do, and to stay active. Too many people shy away from physical activity because they are afraid of how they’ll feel the next day. A round of golf can make some people sore for days. Yard work can cause your back to ache and make your joints sore. But wearing Jox™ Athletic Shorts will help you feel better before, during, and after physical activity.

So get out there and be active again with Jox™ Athletic Shorts!

Watch this video to see how to use Jox Athletic Shorts.