Keep-Safe Lockbox

Item# HSG7098A

Here at last is an inexpensive powder-painted steel lockbox to protect all children--from toddlers through teens--by preventing access to guns, poisons, medicines, and valuables.

A Keep-Safe lockbox provides security for children, with steel brackets that bolt onto studs of walls in any room, closet or garage. Additionally, the slim-line lockbox can be embedded inside a kitchen or bathroom cupboard, nursery, or bedroom wall,
or other rooms behind a wall hanging, with the bracket bolted to an inside stud.

 A slim-line combination-pushbutton lockbox bracket also can be bolted to the bottom of a bed frame or the back of a nightstand for instant accessibility to a weapon.

Dimensions of both rectangular lockboxes are 8-1/4 in. wide by 5-1/4 in. high by 5-1/4 in deep. Both models of slim-line lockboxes are 10 in. wide by 9-1/4 in. high by 2-1/2 in. deep.

Keyed Security Lockboxes -

Keyed security lockboxes are the most economical models for families that want to protect their children from
danger. The brackets can be bolted to studs in any room, closets, or  garage. Slim-line lockboxes can also be embedded in the walls of any cupboard or bathroom with just an inch or two available for extraction of the lockbox.

Each keyed model includes a security bracket, bolts, and two keys. A plastic shield is also provided for all slim-line models to hold contents upright and secure.

Combination-Pushbutton Security Lockboxes

Combination-pushbutton lockboxes are for those who can afford the convenience of immediate access to their contents, whether it is a weapon, medications, or other valuables. In addition to the accessories that come with keyed lockboxes, instructions are included to change the combination as desired. You don't have to keep track of keys, or take the chance of a teenager finding them.

All security lockboxes come with bolts to secure the bracket to a wall stud or solid door. A plastic shield is also provided for slim-line models to hold contents upright and secure.

Keyed Keep-Safe Lockbox
Keyed Keep-Safe Lockbox
Weight: 3 lb
Combination-Pushbutton Keep-Safe Lockbox
Combination-Pushbutton Keep-Safe Lockbox
Weight: 3.5 lb