KE-Shake Away™ Plus Pads

Item# HSG8056

Vibration from high efficiency washers and dryers is a serious concern in the home due to the shaking of floors, adjoining walls, and can damage the floor.

Install the KE Shake Away™ Plus Pads under the 4 feet of your high efficiency washer.  Gluing or bolting the pads to the floor is not necessary and not recommended.

KE Shake Away™ Plus Pads work by converting the mechanical energy of the vibration to heat energy and evenly disperses the vibration throughout the pad.  With custom blended neoprene, that was developed by Kellett Enterprises, Inc in the 60’s, walking, shaking and vibration of the equipment is drastically reduced.

Benefits of using KE Shake Away™ Plus Pads:
  • Radically reduces vibration transfer from the high efficiency washers and dryers to the floor

  • Affordable

  • Reduce the overall noise level from your laundry room

  • Prevents any equipment from walking

KE Shake Away™ Plus Pads
can be used with pedestals, stackable and combo units.  The pads can also be used inside a water drip pan.

When purchasing KE Shake Away™ Plus Pads, remember to buy 1 set for the washer and 1 set for
the dryer too!