Kozies Hot or Cold Corn Therapy Bags

Kozies Hot or Cold Corn Therapy Bags
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Kozies are therapy bags that can be used either cold or hot for all natural pain relief or any time a heating pad or cold pack is needed. Each Kozies has two bags made of 100% natural cotton material and thread. The inner bag is filled with naturally grown, NON-GMO,clean Kernelís Corn. The outer bag is removable and washable.


  • Holds Heat Better - Corn is a larger grain than rice, wheat or flax. Therefore, it is able to hold heat longer.
  • Safer - Smaller grains have warnings of fire and even explosions. Flax seed contains linseed oil which is explosive in the presence of oxygen.
  • No Odor - Some smaller grains smell rancid over time. Corn does not.
  • Kozies Necks have many flexible uses.  Wrap them around elbows, knees, ankles and more for all natural hot or cold therapy.

Tons of other colors, prints and sizes are also available at www.Kozies.co