Legal Speed™ Energy Lozenge - 12 Pack

Legal Speed™ Energy Lozenge - 12 Pack
Item# HSGlegalspeed

Each lozenge contains our proprietary Choose Health formula using natural caffeine and standardized herbal extracts to deliver a significant energy boost.

Get pumped up with the right balance of caffeine, ginseng and B-12 to keep you feeling refreshed!

Legal Speed™ Energy Lozenge comes in a great tasting cool mint flavor, unlike many other energy drinks, gels or powders that can be difficult to ingest because of either taste or stomach upset, etc.

 Each lozenge contains standardized herbal extracts, providing a great flavor with natural peppermint oil & menthol crystals.

Use Legal Speed™ Energy Lozenge Anywhere!

◦In the Classroom ◦ Focus & Concentration ◦ Sports ◦ High Intensity Workouts ◦ Bars and Restaurants ◦ Office Meetings