Level Best˛

Item# HSG9020

The Level Best˛ is a four-in-one multi-purpose tool with the exceptional ability to accurately read level and plumb at the same time. Made from highly durable polystyrene, Level Best˛ encompasses two level bubbles and a perfect 90° angle.

Level Best˛ also features a ruler and pencil slot, making it easy for anyone to be able to take exact measurements.

In the past, contractors and do-it-yourselfers would need to use multiple tools to achieve the kind of results this amazingly convenient tool will now provide. 

This new design will simplify building and home improvement projects, allowing you to get the job done on time and on budget.

Level Best˛ is specifically designed to help with the building of stairs, the installation of doors and window frames and laying foundations. It' s also great for hanging shelving, building decks, installing cabinets and even hanging the perfect picture.

Level Best˛ is a great addition to anyone’s toolbox - Contractors, inspectors, carpenters, masons and of course, do-it-yourselfers.