Little Ditty 5' x 7' Complete Pond Kit w/950 gph Pump
Item# HSG-9734

Introducing the Little Ditty 5' x 7' w/950 gph Pump Complete Pond Kit
from PondEco Aquatic Systems!

Little Ditty Complete Pond Kit is:
  • Easy-to-install!
  • Easy-to maintain!
  • Leak proof!
  • User friendly!
  • A great stress reliever!

  • A beautiful water garden can provide the soothing sights and sounds of nature right in your own backyard! The Little Ditty Complete Pond Kit is ready to bring it all to you!

    The PondEco Little Ditty Complete Pond Kit is not just a pond, it's a complete ecosystem.
    In the past, water gardens were very primitive - usually just a hole filled with water and lined with concrete or a leaky plastic liner that quickly fell apart. These ponds lacked the necessary elements of filtration, aeration, and bacterial balance to thrive, so they were nearly impossible to maintain, and quickly degenerated into dead, algae-covered eyesores. PondEco Water Gardening Systems has changed all that. The Little Ditty Complete Pond Kit uses nature's own biofilter - a gravel streambed - in order to provide a place for cleansing bacteria to thrive and help keep your pond healthy. This option, combined with state-of-the-art skimming, filtering, pumping and oxygenation components, and a custom blend of bacteria and enzymes, work together to create a self-sustaining ecosystem that requires little maintenance.

    PondEco Systems are easy to maintain.
    The quality components that make up every PondEco Water Gardening System insure that you will get a pond that's easy to maintain and enjoy for many years. PondEco's tough 45 mil. rubber liner has a 20-year warranty; it locks into the EcoFalls Filter snout with an interlocking channel and spline design - so leaks are never a worry. Our patent-pending EcoFalls Filter, combined with a stream system, filters and oxygenates the water, keeping most algae problems at bay. Our EcoSkimmer is designed to make removal of larger debris a snap - with an easy to clean basket and filtermat to pre-clean the water before it enters the pump. PondEco uses only the highest quality pumps on the market today, and each is custom-matched to your specific system in order to provide the ideal water flow and efficiency for your pond's needs.

    PondEco Systems are easy to install.
    Construction of the pond is simple and straightforward, and many can be completed in a single weekend. Each kit comes with an instructional video with easy to follow step-by-step installation tips that put building a pond within reach of the average "do-it-yourselfer." Technical assistance is also available from PondEco professionals who are eager to answer your pond-building questions.

    Take advantage of the soothing sights and sounds of nature right in your own backyard with the Little Ditty Complete Pond Kit!
    Order yours today - and relax by your pond by next weekend!