LT10 Ultra Compact Sawmill

Item# HSG7075

For the needs of Hobby Sawyers
The LT10...A complete package ready to saw.

The LT10 is a compact hobbyist mill operated with an easy hand push feed system. It features a 7.0 HP recoil gas engine and will cut up to 100 board feet per hour.* The base mill has the capacity to handle up to 24" diameter logs by 11 ' long.  Optional 7 Bed Extensions are available to cut longer length. A space saving feature of the LT10 is that it breaks down and can be stored in your garage or outbuilding.

The Wood-Mizer LT10 is designed as an entry level mill for the weekend sawyers who love the idea of cutting their own lumber but want to minimize their investment.

      Standard Package Includes:
  • Power Option: 7.0 HP (5.2kW) Gasoline
  • Water Lube System: Keeps the blade in optimum cutting condition.
  • Blade Tension Activator: One throw of the lever gives proper tension automatically.
  • Four Track Rollers with Ball-Bearings: Ensures smooth, trouble-free head travel back and forth on the bed rails.
  • Four Rail Cleaner and Roller Wipes: Helps to keep bed rails clean and free of debris.
  • Large throat capacity: Allows cuts on cants up to 19.5" wide.
  • Log Clamping System: Easy to adjust and allows you to cut within 1" of the bed.
  • Four Side Supports: Adjustable and removable to ensure various sizes of logs or boards are safely secured for sawing.
  • Easy to ship, some assembly required
  • Assembly DVD and Owners manual included.

    Stores Easily in Your Garage

* Due to many variables, actual production
  figures may vary.