Madico Floor Protection Super Pack

Item# HSG10341

SUPER SLIDEX & FELTAC pads are made with innovative processes and feature to ensure a solid, stable and long-lasting protective layer between your furniture and surfaces.

SUPER SLIDEX GLIDES Features & Benefits:

  • Easy Glides - Super Slidex glides are made of durable high density polyethylene providing excellent gliding characteristics.
  • Versatile Glides - Super Slidex glides can be used under many different pieces of furniture.  Once furniture is in place, just lift it and relocate glides under another piece of furniture as needed.

FELTAC Features & Benefits:

  • Sticking Power - Madico’s unique process injects hot-melt adhesive deep into the felt pad ensuring the pad remains adhered.
  • Stability - FELTAC felt pads are impregnated to more than 2/3 their depth with PVAC RESIN. This provides a stable base, to resist sheering forces.
  • Softness - A soft lower face gives gentle contact to the protected surface.
  • Thickness - FELTAC provides optimal pad thickness. Thinner pads are less
    durable, while thicker pads are less stable.
  • Durability - FELTAC is made of tightly knit polyester fibers which provides
    long lasting performance.