Medical Passport

Item# HSG2515

1.6 trillion dollars are spent on healthcare per year on
300 million Americans

The Institute of Medicine estimates that
44,000-98,000 die each year due to medical errors

Electronic health records are the newest and safest way to keep all patientsí health information organized and accessible.  But few facilities have electronic records and those that do, often cannot share them with other facilities due to program incompatibility. 

The Medical Passport is an important and potentially lifesaving device that ensures that when you are in need of medical attention, all your health records can be immediately accessed.

No more waiting for faxes or phone calls. Just Plug in and view.

The Medical Passport is a USB Flash Drive that contains software which allows you to record, carry and access your important medical information, anytime and anyplace there is a Windows based computer. 

The first program to help you organize and permanently record all your pertinent health information i.e.; allergies, medicines you are currently taking, contact info, etc.  The Medical Passport allows you and healthcare workers to instantly and easily record, update and view your vital information.

Another great feature of the Medical Passport is the Essential Choices program which guides and instructs you in the creation of your Living Will.  The Essential Choices program will guide you through six simple steps with photographs & explanations to help you create the best Living Will.


 The Medical Passport can fit on your key chain, so you can be sure to have your important medical information with you no matter where you go or what may happen.

Medical Passport - Pocket-sized Peace of Mind