Mini K-9 Dog Blower-Dryer

Mini K-9 Dog Blower-Dryer
Mini K-9 Dog Blower-Dryer
Item# HSG-9705

The ultimate in home pet grooming!

Groom your dog at home the same way the professionals do with the high-powered Mini K-9 Dog Blower-Dryer!

The Mini K-9 is compact and powerful - and perfect for use with both small and large dogs! Equipped with two speeds and two temperatures, the Mini K-9 is customizable for easy groooming!

Made with rugged 18 guage steel construction, the Mini K-9 is made tough for added durability, and it's portable compact size makes it easy to transport and store.

Through this special offer, you can order the Mini K-9 Dog Blower-Dryer at an introductory price!

With each order you'll receive the Mini K-9 Dog Blower, a ten foot coil hose and a removable blower tip for variable air flow.

Groom the professional way - at home -
with the Mini K-9 Dog Blower-Dryer!

Motor: 120 Volts/9.5 Amps, 1 year warranty included!