The MultiCaddie®
Item# HSG-D309





The MultiCaddie
is an Instant, Efficient Cleaning Unit

The MultiCaddie is 10 Incredible Golf Tools in One!
Ball Washer ♦ Shoe Cleaner ♦ Cleat Cleaner ♦ Club Cleaner
Grip Cleaner ♦ Tee Holder ♦ Towel Rack ♦ Water Supplier
Club Organizer ♦ Caddie Stabilizer

The MultiCaddie is the easy, efficient and convenient way for golfers to maintain all of their equipment on and off the course!
Thanks to The MutliCaddie there's:
  • No more trips to the ball washer!
  • No more dirty shoes during or after play!
  • No more stooping or bending for golf tees at driving ranges!
  • No more dirty golf clubs!
  • No more dirty mud splattered golf bags!
  • No more greasy grips!
  • No more trips to water facilities to moisturize a towel!
  • No more fumbling or looking for golf tees in golf bags or pants pockets!
  • No more clubs on the ground at driving ranges!

  • The MultiCaddie is 10 Products in 1!

    The MultiCaddie will help you save time on the course,
    which will in turn improve your game!

    The MultiCaddie is the one golf accessory that replaces
    a whopping $250.00 worth of products!

    Order The MultiCaddie today!