Nanogen Fibres & Locking Spray Mist

Nanogen Fibres & Locking Spray Mist
Item# HSG12343

Available in 10 great shades, see the color chart below.

Finally, there is a solution for thinning hair. You can regain that great feeling of confidence when you had when a full head of hair was something you took for granted! Simply shake the tiny fibres onto your hair to create natural looking and feeling hair density. It’s just like adding hair to your own hair and the results are incredible.

Nanogen Fibres really work. As the before and after pictures show, you can have thicker hair in seconds. Join the millions of transformations – whatever your hair color, style or ethnicity.


Designed for Thinning Hair
Ideal For Men and Women
Pure Natural Keratin
Dermatologically Tested
Over 1 million Sold Worldwide

Click on the before and after photos to see their transformations live!

Shake. Blend. Spray. That’s it! All you need to create a fuller head of hair that lasts all day through wind, rain and perspiration.

You can apply them in the privacy of your own bathroom – it’s just like adding hair to your hair, and no one will know.

The jar is discreet and doesn’t mention thinning at all, so if you want you can keep it in your car, bag or desk drawer in complete security.

Whether you want to use Nanogen Fibres everyday or just on special occasions, they’re the perfect solution for you.

With 10 great shades Nanogen will match any hair color.  You can ever add a small amount of Grey or Blonde after your main color for highlights or a touch of grey.