The Night Guard Home Surveillance System

The Night Guard Home Surveillance System
Item# HSG10306A

Protect Yourself, Your Family & Your Property, Day or Night!

Take home security to a whole new level with The Night Guard Home Surveillance System.

When you install one or more of the combination motion sensor light and video cameras on your home, the built-in infrared sensors allow the light and camera to rotate 200, covering the same area as three fixed lights/cameras.  
The Night Guard Home Surveillance System can record images from up to four other Night Guards to any Windows based PC, without any service plans or fees.
  • Records Manually & Automatically
  • Records Still Images & Video

Additional Benefits & Features:
  • No service plan required
  • Able to record up to 4 cameras with any windows based PC
  • Covers the area of 3 fixed lights/cameras
  • Light and camera automatically reset to center position
  • Extra bright 150 watt halogen lamp for day and night security
  • Replacement halogen lamp is available at most home improvement stores
  • Audible alarm programming
  • Clear picture featuring 2.4 GHz digital transmission with extended range
  • Records still or video images, manually or automatically
  • Digital transmission technology uses frequency hopping for secure transmission
  • Works both day & night
  • 30 detection range
  • 250 transmission range
  • Adjustable brightness, saturation, and color
  • Compatible with Windows 7


NG-SL-1 Motion Sensor Light
NG-SL-1 Motion Sensor Light


  • 3 Zone motion tracking with 3 PIRS NRS
  • 150 Watt halogen high density bulb
  • Detection range selectable
  • 210 Deg rotational tracking
  • Built-in digital video camera
  • 2.4 GHz digital transmission with up to 200ft. range
  • Automatic power saving lights out function for daytime use
  • Security encrypted signal
  • 25 CMOS image sensor
  • Selectable lighting times