ABB Soul Trifecta!

ABB Soul Trifecta!
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Introducing the 3-CD set that offers an emotional
get-away from your everyday life stresses!

The first of these is Studio Confessions by Peven Everett. Studio Confessions offers an emotional, organic, and intimate look at Peven as he shares snapshots of his life with the listener. The album is best described as complex in structure yet soothing and simple in sound. Blessed with a pleasant and dynamic voice, Peven delivers songs with passion and energy comparable to Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, Marvin Gaye, and Prince. Through his lyrics, Peven's objective is to not only be understood, but to impart his emotion and intensity to his audience while exploring and pushing musical boundaries.

Next is By Day By Night by Lizz Fields. This is an album made up of instrumental sounds, rhythms and strong vocal riffs that blend jazz over dark hip hop beats. Songs like “I Gotta Go”, “Selfish Tendencies” and “Say the Word” are at once extremely jazzy but at the same time original in tone and cadence. Think Tricky, Bjork, or Portishead with hip-hop beats.

Finally, you'll receive Tide's Arising by Mark de Clive-Lowe (MdCL). He's a key collaborator, artist and producer in the West London-based music scene spear-headed by the likes of Bugz in the Attic, 4Hero, Restless Soul and IG Culture [NSM]. Since his debut LP 'Six Degrees' [Universal Jazz/emarcy] in 2000, MdCL has stamped his sound on over 100 releases, collaborating with some of the most cutting edge producers and artists around the world including Kenny Dope [Masters at Work] and DJ Spinna [BBE/rapster]. On TIDE'S ARISING - MdCl with the help of a few friends, including Bembé Segué, Abdul Shyllon, Pino Palladino [D'Angelo's Soultronics/The Who], Capitol A [The Roots/Jazzanova] blends jazz, electronic, future-soul and hip-hop into a fresh, cutting edge 21st Century flavor.

Together, this collection will bring you a harmonious escape from dialy hassles and stresses. Order your 3-CD Collection from ABB Records today!